Radio Moscow Mailbag (Studio Recording #1): 1979


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Tom Gavaras, who shares the following recording (from a series of seven studio recordings) and notes:

These recordings were originally provided to me on reel-to-reel tape directly from Radio Moscow (which I dubbed to a cassette). At that time, I was program director at St. Cloud State University's radio station KVSC-FM (St. Cloud, MN) and aired Moscow Mailbag once a week during the afternoon news block programming. Transcription shows from other shortwave stations were played on other weekday slots at the same time.

World of Radio: August 1987


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Bruce Atchison, for sharing the following recording and notes:

This portion of Glenn Hauser's World of Radio show was taped in August of 1987 with my Sony ICF7600 receiver on 9850 kHz. It was on at 0200 UTC but I can't remember the station it was on. Perhaps it was WRNO.

VOA (Communications World): January 2003


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Bruce Atchison, for sharing the following recording and notes:

Recorded Communications World off VOA in January of 2003 but I forget the frequency. I used my Uniden CR-2021 receiver.

Note that Bruce is actually featured in this episode with Kim Andrew Elliott!

Radio Canada International (Bonsoir Africa): January 4, 1982

RCI Sackville NB.jpeg

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Tom Laskowski, who shares the following recording and notes:

This program from January 24, 1982 from my archives is from Radio Canada International which was called Bonsoir Africa. This was somewhat of a mailbag program which read listeners letters. I was fortunate to have a tape recorder running since this was a program about astronomy that was requested by me. This may be the first time I ever heard my name read on shortwave. What a thrill. Enjoy.

Starting time: approximately 1800 UTC

Frequency: 15.325 MHz

Receiver and location: Realistic DX-302, South Bend, Indiana

Radio Netherlands (Media Network): April 9, 1982


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Tom Laskowski, who shares the following recording and notes:

Along with RCI's Shortwave Listener's Digest, Radio Netherlands Media Network was another favorite DX program of mine. Here is a recording of an episode from April 9, 1982 which is the first recording of this program from my archive. The show highlights are: media coverage of the Falklands War from the British and Argentinian sides, Pete Meyers with a report that Radio New Zealand did not shut down, the US-Cuban media war, Richard Ginbey with African media news and John Campbell with a clandestine radio report. Audio quality is only fair for this recording. I will try not to post recordings of Media Network which are already available on Jonathan Marks' Media Network Vintage Vault website.
Date of recording: 4/9/1982
Starting time: 0230
Frequency: 9.590 MHz
Receiver location: South Bend, IN
Receiver: Realistic DX-302

Radio Canada international (SWL Digest): January 4, 1982

Radio Dial.JPG

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Tom Laskowski, who shares the following recording and notes:

Here is another one of my many recordings of Shortwave Listener's Digest from Radio Canada International, this time from January 4, 1982. This program highlights are: Glenn Hauser with his Year in Review for the previous year of 1981; part 1. Larry Magne with a test report for the Panasonic RF-9000 which listed at $US 3800!!!. The program ends with Glenn Hauser's second part of his review of the previous year's highlights. Unfortunately the broadcast suffers from some adjacent-channel interference.

Starting time: 2130 UTC January 4, 1982

Frequency: 15.325

Receiver location: South Bend, Indiana

Receiver: Realistic DX-302

XVRB Europe: August 21, 2011

XVRB QSL card.jpg

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Marcel Strücker, for the following recording and notes:

The inaugural programme on XVRB Europe was heard on Sunday 21st of August 2011. The XVRB Europe programs were broadcast on a monthly basis, each one hour long. The project was meant to entertain shortwave radio enthusiasts. Dutch radio host Mike Wilson was the originator of the project which lasted until April 2013 when XVRB Europe ran out of money.
The show was well received. Swiss, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, British, Belgian, Greek and Dutch shortwave listeners e-mailed their reception reports. One British shortwave veteran even sent Wilson money 'to keep up the good work'.
The one hour shows were produced in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and sent to the German transmission site in Wertachtal. After closure of this site, the XVRB programmes came from Nauen, near the city of Berlin.
Both transmission sites produced a 150 kW signal, wich was picked up all over Europe.

Radio Canada International's final episode of DX Digest


From the radio history archives - Ian McFarland of Radio Canada International - this is the final show of the DX Digest from March 24, 1991 - in its entirety! This was recorded in Manitoba by legendary DXer and SWL Shawn Axelrod (who may soon be joining us on the team!) This is a one of a kind recording - and we release it the very day Shawn, Ian McFarland and I got together for lunch in Duncan, British Columbia! Happy listening!

Radio RSA - The Voice of South Africa: March 14, 1982


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Tom Laskowski, who shares the following recording and notes:

Every Saturday night during the early 1980s [in South Bend, Indiana] I would regularly tune to 9580 kHz at 0200 to listen to Radio RSA (Channel Africa as it is now known) to hear DX Corner, their regular DX program. This episode from March 14, 1982 was a look at the brand new hot radio, the Sony ICF-2001. The audio isn't great but should be listenable. I think this was recorded using my new Realistic DX-302. Enjoy!