The Shortwave Radio Audio Archive is a collective effort. You can help:

1. Record


If you have a means of recording shortwave broadcasts from your radio–say, through a basic "line in" port–you can contribute to the archive!

We have a few guidelines for keeping the process simple and easy.

Click here for more information.

2. Contribute


There are two easy ways to contribute to the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive:

  1. Simply upload your radio recording to our back-up archive,, then submit a link to us here, OR
  2. Contribute to our archiving efforts with a donation in any amount. We also welcome sponsorship from the radio industry.

3. Archive

Even if you don't have the means to record shortwave radio audio, you can still help us archive recordings.  It couldn't be easier:

Simply subscribe to our podcast feed on iTunes or via our RSS feed. Set your podcasting software (iTunes or other) to download all new recordings and keep them. If possible, back up your local archive.  Then contact us; we will add you to our list of active archivists.

Your podcast recordings become yet one more off-site archive. Multiple archives in multiple storage locations ensure the integrity of this collection over time.