Canadian Shortwave Pirate TNFM: June 2, 1986.

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Scott Nelson, who shares this 1986 recording of the Canadian pirate radio station, TNFM and notes:

Date of recording: 6/2/1986
Starting time: 0520
Frequency: 7.415
Receiver location: Minot, North Dakota
Receiver: Sony ICF-6500W
Notes: Canadian pirate station TNFM recorded June 2, 1986 from my location in Minot, North Dakota. IDs, music, and talk - playing listener requests and dedications.

Voice of America: December 24, 1986

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Scott Nelson, who notes:

Voice of America recorded off shortwave (15.410 MHz) on December 24, 1986 [starting around 1959 UTC].  The receiver was a Sony ICF-6500W with a random wire antenna.  Recorded to cassette tape and later transferred to an mp3 computer file.  The broadcast features Christmas music, IDs, News, and the Nightline Africa program.

WRNO New Orleans: October 31, 1986

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Scott Nelson, who submits the following recording and notes:

WRNO - Shortwave from New Orleans.  "The Rock of the World". Recorded in Minot, North Dakota with a Sony ICF-6500W receiver to a cassette tape.  Transferred from cassette to mp3 format using Audacity software. This recording contains many IDs, ads, rock music, business news.

BBC World Service report of Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster: January 28, 1986

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Tom Laskowski, who submits these notes with his timely off-air recording of the BBC World Service from January 28, 1986:

Thirty years ago today the US Space program came crashing down with the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger.
I was a student at Purdue University at the time, living in a dormitory.
I decided to make some recordings knowing this would be a historic event.
This is a recording I made of the BBC on the evening of Jan 28 (0200 UTC on January 29). The frequency was most likely 5975 kHz or 9590 kHz.  The dorm environment didn't make a great place for SWL reception and the recording is noisy but still of decent quality.
Recorded using a Sony ICF-2001 with a wire attached to a window screen for an antenna.

Click here to download as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below: