Rádio Clube do Pará: December 29, 2018


Rádio Clube do Pará recorded in Lanzarote, Las Canarias, Spain on December 29, 2018 at 0100 UTC on the frequency of 4885 kHz using Tecsun PL-680 and a piece of wire attached to its telescopic antenna. The transmitter is located in Belem, Brazil. This non-directional transmission had a power rating of 5kW and a multi-path propagation echo can be heard in the recording.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation in English and Pijin, February 5, 2014

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation received in Sydney, Australia, on the frequency of 9545 kHz.  Music, talk, and the news in Pijin at 0800.  Transmitted at 10 kw from Honiara.  Recorded with the Degen DE1121 and a 40' longwire.

Voice of Indonesia


Many thanks to SWAA contributor, Hans de Zeeuw, for this short recording of The Voice of Indonesia radio in English.

Recorded in Scotland on the 21st of January, 2013, on 9,526 kHz, starting at 17:31 UTC. Hans uses a Microtelecom Perseus receiver and a Wellbrook ALA 1530 antenna.

Click here to download the recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below:


RNW: The Happy Station Show, 26 July 1992

Jan Oversteen sends us this recording of the Happy Station Show and comments:

"Part of the Happy Station Show from July 26, 1992. This is the broadcast in where Tom Meijer announced that Pete Meijers is going to take over the program."

Thank you for sharing this recording, Jan!  If you would like to share recordings, simply submit a recording with this form.