Radio Habana Cuba (51 aniversario): February 16, 2016


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Emilio Ruiz, who shares this recording of Radio Havana Cuba's Spanish Language Service. This recording was made on February 16, 2016 starting at 6:00 UTC on 11.760 MHz. This recording was made in Chiapas, México with a Keenwood R-600 and Magnetic Loop antenna.

Radio Havana Cuba: December 12, 2016

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Anthony Messina, for the following recording and notes:

African music program followed by an interview. Recorded onto cassette tape via a Tecsun PL-880 transferred onto Audacity. QTH (location of recording) was Haddon Heights, NJ USA at 12:30am EST 12-12-16

Radio Havana Cuba: November 20, 2016

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Joel Benavidez, who notes:

Amateur radio operator Joel Benavidez, KF5UNI from San Antonio, Texas made the recording in his home using the internet and the magic of Software Defined Radio or "SDR". SDR allows anyone with an internet connection to monitor someone else's radio over the internet. In this case, Amateur radio operator Louis Brown, KD4HSO in Kansas.
The Show "DXers Unlimited" is a ham radio oriented "techy" show out of Cuba, known to, and respected by Ham radio operators the world over.
Starting time: 0515
Frequency: 6.099 MHz
Location: Remote Recording made in San Antonio, Texas (HamGridSquare EL09ql) by station KF5UNI from station KD4HSO in Kansas USA (HamGridSquare: EM28qw)
Your receiver and antenna: OpenWebRX Software Defined Radio (SDR) over with receiver at

Radio Havana Cuba, Barack Obama and Raúl Castro Press Conference in Cuba: March 21, 2016

The following off-air recording of Radio Havana Cuba was made on March 21, 2016, starting a couple of minutes prior to 1800 UTC on 11,670 kHz (at an AM bandwidth of 12.5 kHz). This was a historic event: the first time a US president has visited Cuba in over 8 decades. The following recording includes the live coverage of the Obama/Casto press conference, followed by one hour of RHC's English language service and a part of RHC's French language service.

The receiver used was a WinRadio Excalibur connected to a Pixel Loop Pro magnetic loop antenna. Location received was North Carolina.

Shortwave Radio Interval Signals 1976-77

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Greg Shoom, who shares this recording of interval signals from 1976-1977. He has kindly logged the interval signals as:

  • Deutsche Welle
  • R. Nederland
  • Unidentified interval signal 1
  • Voice of Spain
  • History of R. Nederland's interval signal
  • R. Nederland Arabic service
  • Unidentified interval signal 2
  • R. Canada International
  • R. Nacional de Brasilia
  • Interval signal history from R. Nederland
  • R. RSA
  • Voice of Iran
  • R. Habana Cuba
  • BBC Spanish Service
  • Voice of Turkey

Recorded 1976 and 1977 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Click here to download the recording as an MP3 or simply listen via the embedded player below. Please subscribe to our podcast to receive future recordings automatically.

Radio Havana Cuba, November 24, 2013



Many thanks to SWAA contributor, Frank, for this recording of the Radio Havana Cuba in English and Spanish.

Frank recorded this broadcast from his home in Europe on 24 November 2013, starting around 00:15 UTC on 5,040 kHz.

Click here to download the recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

Radio Progreso


Earlier this week, I noted that Cuban medium wave station, Radio Progreso, was to begin broadcasting on 4,765 kHz shortwave, beginning October 1st at 00:30 UTC.

I listened between 00:30 and 2:30 UTC on Oct 1st, but heard nothing other than the weak carrier from (possibly) Radio Emissora De Educao Rural. However, the following evening at 01:00 UTC (October 2nd) I did hear a strong signal from Radio Progreso.

For your listening pleasure: the recording I made of Radio Progreso on October 2, 2013, starting around 01:00 UTC. Click here to download the recording as an MP3 or simply listen via the embedded player below: