Korean Central Broadcasting Service (KCBS) Pyongyang: November 16, 2016


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Manfred Reiff, who shares the following recording and notes:

[The following recording is of] the sign-on of Korean Central Broadcasting Station domestic service from Pyongyang. The recording was made on Nov 16, 2016 at 20:27:36 UTC (when North Korea was on UTC + 8.5 hours) on 2850 kHz.

The programming begins after approx. 57 seconds with ID signal and station identification in Korean by male and female. Following the time signal it's their national anthem (instrumental version). After that opening announcements my male and female and a second announcement by female. After that you can listen (like on each day of the year) to their "Number One Hit" - a vocal version of s"Song of General Kim Il Sung". After that KCBS presents their #2: "Song of Genal Kim Jong Il". A very boring programme scheme.

Radio Romania International: June 6, 2016


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Davi Sousa, who shares the following recording and notes:

Radio Romania International, program in spanish to Europe. Good signal in South America. News and comments about political elections in Romania, cultural and historical comments.

Date of recording: 6/6/2016

Starting time: 1900 UTC

Frequency: 15,450 kHz

Location where received: Southeast Brazil

Receiver: Degen DE1103

Radio Havana Cuba: December 12, 2016

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Anthony Messina, for the following recording and notes:

African music program followed by an interview. Recorded onto cassette tape via a Tecsun PL-880 transferred onto Audacity. QTH (location of recording) was Haddon Heights, NJ USA at 12:30am EST 12-12-16

KCBS Pyongyang: December 3, 2016

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Anthony Messina, who shares the following recording and notes:

This recording was taken at 15kHz filtering, and is for historical purposes. It was taken via using the globaltuners.com node in Daegu, South Korea tuned to 2850kHz which is the domestic SW frequency of the DPRK. 2850kHz simulcasts the same broadcast on their MW frequency of 819kHz. 819kHz is listenable via this node, but it is usually met with noise jamming from the ROK and the 2850kHz frequency was booming in and much nicer to listen to. I will make more recordings of the many DPRK stations, including their 819kHz station. 
It was taken on the 3rd of December, 2016 at 5:02pm EST

Radio Havana Cuba (death of Fidel Castro): November 26, 2016

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, James KG5ST, who notes:

The program was first aired RHC on November 26, 2016
This recording was recorded starting at about 06:00 UTC on Nov 27, 2016 via the W7RNA websdr located in Sedona, Arizona, USA.
The program was a special in remembrance of the death of Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution, on November 25, 2016. The program included remembrances, editorials, reflections by world leaders and a special edition of the Mailbag show, with letters from listeners mourning the death of Hermano Fidel.

I thought this was a moment in history that needed to be recorded and shared.

James, KG5JST

Jazz From The Left: December 7, 2016

Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck

For your listening pleasure, Raoul van Hall's Jazz From the Left via WRMI.

This show was recorded on 7.730 MHz on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 starting around 00:00 UTC. The recording was make with a WinRadio Excalibur Receiver and a skyloop wire antenna in North Carolina. 

Voice of Korea: October 17, 2016

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Paul Walker, who notes:

This is the English service broadcast for The Voice Of Korea to "Latin America" from Kujang, North Korea. Recorded 0430-0530UTC October 17, 2016 using a Tecsun PL880, Welbrook ALA1530LNP, EmTech ZM2 antenna tuner and DXEngineering HF Preamp.
Listening location is Galena, Alaska. A village of 500 people in the rural central interior, 300 miles east of Nome and 300 miles west of Fairbanks

Shortwave Service: August 2, 2016

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Mark Hirst, who submits the following recording and notes:

Date of recording: 8/2/2016

Starting time: 19:00

Frequency: 11.850

Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom

Receiver and antenna: ICOM IC-7100, Wonder Wand Wide Bander antenna

Notes: A test transmission from Shortwave Service (www.ShortwaveService.com) consisting of voice, music and continuous tones. The radio DSP Noise Reduction circuit is turned on and off during the recording to reveal the raw signal and to get clarity on some of the announcements.

Radio Australia (Brexit in headlines): June 24, 2016

This morning, I was very curious about the results of the Brexit vote, so I turned to one of the only stations that is strong enough to punch through the noise here at our vacation condo: Radio Australia.

The following recording starts a few minutes prior to the top of the hour ABC news headlines at 12:00 UTC on 9580 kHz on June 24, 2016 (the morning after the Brexit vote and the resignation announcement of Prime Minister David Cameron. 

The recording is rather poor as propagation was dismal and the level of RFI significant.  Still, this is such an important event, I wanted it in the shortwave archive. Receiver used was the Sony ICF-SW55 in Beaupré, Québec, Canada:

Rádio Nacional da Amazônia: May 12, 2016 (breaking news of Dilma Rousseff facing impeachment trial)

Last night, my buddy John Figliozzi shared the following tip regarding Rádio Nacional da Amazônia:

Both frequencies active tonight — 6180 and 11780 — with lots of discussion as well as excerpts from speeches in the Brazilian Senate on the impeachment of the President.  All in Portuguese of course.  ID around 0155 with announcement of shortwave frequencies.  Excellent armchair quality signal on 6180; audible with considerable QRN on 11780.

After reading John's message, I immediately tuned to 6180 kHz where Rádio Nacional da Amazônia was quite strong. I recorded almost two hours of their broadcast which includes news about the impeachment and music as well. This recording was made in North Carolina using a WinRadio Excalibur receiver and a Pixel Loop Pro magnetic loop antenna, starting around 02:20 UTC on May 12, 2016: