Five Hours of the KPH Night of Nights event (Morse Code): July 12, 2019

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Emilio Ruiz, who shares the following recording and notes:

With great emotion I participated in the reception (SWL) of the historic KPH station in the Night of Nights XX event (July 12th 2019)

I hope the recording will be useful for all the enthusiastic friends of the telegraphy and the radio.

Broadcaster: KPH

Date of recording: 7/12/2019

Starting time: 00:01:00

Frequency: 12.695,5 MHz

Location: Chiapas, Mexico (GRID: EK36kp)

Receiver and antenna: Kenwood R-600, antena longwire (10 meters aprox.) earth conection.

Mode: Morse Code

WWV Time Station (15 MHz): November 3, 2017


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Emilio Ruiz, who shares the following recording of WWV and notes:

Sad for the news, the closing of WWV is like close a park, a comunity place where scientifics and enthusiast of radio could learn and experiment not only about time, radio propagation too. I not have much money for bought radiofrecuency equipment for repair or make my own radios, i use WWV for that. 
To go to the future it is not necessary to destroy the past, I'm teaching to children about science and technology and when talk about radio share with they the listen of WWV with old radio receiver (BC-548Q), for they the sound of ticks and the history about radio and time is a amazing topic.
I wrote this review (in Spanish) about WWV for those SWListeners and Radio Amateurs who do not spoke English,--I think can be useful.
I hope radioamateurs of U.S. can reverse the decision.
Broadcaster: WWV
Date of recording: 11/3/2017
Starting time: 14:00
Frequency: 15000 kHz
Reception location: Chiapas, México.
Receiver and antenna: Dipole antenna, Keenwood R-600

Radio Habana Cuba (51 aniversario): February 16, 2016


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Emilio Ruiz, who shares this recording of Radio Havana Cuba's Spanish Language Service. This recording was made on February 16, 2016 starting at 6:00 UTC on 11.760 MHz. This recording was made in Chiapas, México with a Keenwood R-600 and Magnetic Loop antenna.