BBC Radio 4 LW "Referendum 2016": June 24, 2016

Live, off-air recording of the last three hours of "Referendum 2016" broadcast by BBC Radio 4 Longwave (LW) on 24 June 2016 beginning shortly after 03:00 UTC on a frequency of 198 kHz from the 500 kW transmitter at Droitwich, near Worcester, England. 

Reception was only fair with a lot of atmospheric noise (QRN) due to thunderstorms in the vicinity of the receiving station. Conditions improved slightly towards the end of the recording period. Radio 4 LW broke away from "Referendum 2016" for the "Shipping Forecast" segment between 05:20 and 05:30 UTC. The recording ends with the Greenwich Time Signal (the Six Pips) and the introduction of the "Today" program. 

The broadcast was received by the Web-interface wideband software-defined radio at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands, with a "Mini-Whip" antenna in AM mode with 9.09 kHz RF filtering.

Radio Australia (Brexit in headlines): June 24, 2016

This morning, I was very curious about the results of the Brexit vote, so I turned to one of the only stations that is strong enough to punch through the noise here at our vacation condo: Radio Australia.

The following recording starts a few minutes prior to the top of the hour ABC news headlines at 12:00 UTC on 9580 kHz on June 24, 2016 (the morning after the Brexit vote and the resignation announcement of Prime Minister David Cameron. 

The recording is rather poor as propagation was dismal and the level of RFI significant.  Still, this is such an important event, I wanted it in the shortwave archive. Receiver used was the Sony ICF-SW55 in BeauprĂ©, QuĂ©bec, Canada: