Radio Netherlands (Media Network): April 9, 1982


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Tom Laskowski, who shares the following recording and notes:

Along with RCI's Shortwave Listener's Digest, Radio Netherlands Media Network was another favorite DX program of mine. Here is a recording of an episode from April 9, 1982 which is the first recording of this program from my archive. The show highlights are: media coverage of the Falklands War from the British and Argentinian sides, Pete Meyers with a report that Radio New Zealand did not shut down, the US-Cuban media war, Richard Ginbey with African media news and John Campbell with a clandestine radio report. Audio quality is only fair for this recording. I will try not to post recordings of Media Network which are already available on Jonathan Marks' Media Network Vintage Vault website.
Date of recording: 4/9/1982
Starting time: 0230
Frequency: 9.590 MHz
Receiver location: South Bend, IN
Receiver: Realistic DX-302

Falkland Islands Broadcasting Service: circa 1970s

Many thanks to Shortwave Radio Audio Archive contributor, Dan Robinson, who submits recordings of the Falkland Islands Broadcasting Service.

Dan comments:

One of the great rarities for shortwave listeners the world over was, of course, the Falkland Islands Broadcasting Station (FIBS). There was great excitment, I still remember to this day, when FIBS was heard by a well-known DX'er in the western U.S. -- I recall the frequency at the time as being 3.958, which was listed in the the World Radio TV Handbook. Many DX'ers spent many hours seeking out FIBS, and it was only some years later, after the station shifted to a frequency of 2,380 khz that it began to be heard quite widely, though still a challenge. These recordings were made in Washington, DC using a Hammarlund HQ-180A receiver.

If you would like to read a brief history of the FIBS, please click here

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