Voice of America: December 24, 1986

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Scott Nelson, who notes:

Voice of America recorded off shortwave (15.410 MHz) on December 24, 1986 [starting around 1959 UTC].  The receiver was a Sony ICF-6500W with a random wire antenna.  Recorded to cassette tape and later transferred to an mp3 computer file.  The broadcast features Christmas music, IDs, News, and the Nightline Africa program.

Armed Forces Radio and Television Service: December 24, 1986

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Scott Nelson, for the following recording and notes:

Date of recording: 12/24/1986
Starting time: 2053 UTC
Frequency: 15.330MHz
Location: Minot, North Dakota
Receiver and antenna: Sony ICF-6500W with indoor random wire
Notes: Programs includes "Your Dollars", PSAs, "Your Money Minute", 
IDs, ads, News, Xmas music, "Armed Forces Digest", 
"Paul Harvey News".

Saturday Night Country takes you 'down under' for the holidays

Felicity Urquhart, host of ABC's Saturday Night Country. (photo: ABC)

If you've been reading the SWLing Post for long, you'll know how much I love ABC's Saturday Night Country, which I tune to every Saturday morning starting on 9,580 kHz.

Yesterday, host Felicity Urquhart produced another great mix of interviews and music, including some uniquely Australian Country Christmas songs.

You can download the recordings of the show as MP3s by clicking here for the first hour of Saturday Night Country on 9,580 kHz and here for the rest of the show on 11,945 kHz, or by simply listening via the embedded player below:

Christmas tunes via pirate radio

Last night--Christmas Eve--I recorded a few minutes of pirate radio station, Wolverine Radio on 6,925 kHz USB. Their signal was very strong here into the shack. Wolverine played a selection of several rockin' Christmas songs. Merry Christmas and enjoy!

If media player does not appear above, please click here to listen via Archive.org.

FYI:Receiver - Alinco DX-R8T, Recorder - Zoom H1 recorded in-line, Antenna  - 40 meter vertical delta loop.