Spiro Agnew (31 Oct. 1970)

Comment of American VP Spiro Agnew from the Armed Forces Radio Network (AFRTS).

AFRTS began during WW2 to bring network shows to US troops in various parts of the world via shortwave and recordings. Later TV shows were added and the service continues-


Recorded from shortwave by Ian Holder, Brisbane, Australia

Spiro Agnew information-



Palastinian Highjackings in Jordan (1970)

01 Armed Forces Radio & Television Service(AFRTS 8 Sept.1970)- The highjacking situation
02 Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) (8 Sept.1970)
03 Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) (11 Sept.1970)
04 VOA Evacuation announcement (25 Sept.1970)- Ian Holder:"It was a coincidence that I happened to have the recorder running while I was tuned to the Voice of America when this "evacuation from Jordan" announcement was made".

Recorded off-air by Ian Holder, Brisbane, Australia.

Information on the 1970 highjackings in Jordon-

Armed Forces Radio and Television Service: December 24, 1986

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Scott Nelson, for the following recording and notes:

Date of recording: 12/24/1986
Starting time: 2053 UTC
Frequency: 15.330MHz
Location: Minot, North Dakota
Receiver and antenna: Sony ICF-6500W with indoor random wire
Notes: Programs includes "Your Dollars", PSAs, "Your Money Minute", 
IDs, ads, News, Xmas music, "Armed Forces Digest", 
"Paul Harvey News".