Voice of America: November 10, 2001

SRAA contributor, David Malins notes:

Was a high school student of 13-14 years old at the time of the recording who was interested in broadcasting and music - Recorded onto compact cassette at home of grandparent with a large enough back garden to mount a 20-30metre long wire antenna. Remastered recording via audacity for one of shortwaves' very few technical programmes on Shortwave at the time (never managed to tune into a second programme of the series at the same sort of time, despite searching on the web and on the same frequency range that the broadcasts usually were).
The recording is 7:30mins in length, featuring limited talk about "CIBAR", a section dedicated to what "worldband radio" is in regards to Shortwave, the book "Passport to Worldband Radio" and other bits and pieces when it moved onto a personal feature about a George Jacobs (which is when I stopped the tape, having been more interested in the technical and 'how it works' side of broadcasting news). (Never managed to find the name of the programme, but the presenter clearly states November 10th 2001 and the location where the programme was produced in regards to the type of outside antenna he was hoping to rig up before the winter in that part of the states.)

Many thanks for this contribution, David!

Update: Several listeners have written to confirm that this recording is of Kim Andrew Elliott's "Communications World" from the VOA.