The Russian Invasion of Afghanistan (1980)

01.U.N.Radio-Security Council (Jan7,1980)
United Nations Radio- Security Council. 15410 khz.
20-30 GMT (i.e. 6-30 am Jan 8, 1980 East Australian Time)

02.Radio Peking (Jan 8,1980)
Commentary from Radio Peking. 20-30 GMT. 25 Metre Band.
(i.e. 6-30 am. 9 Jan 1980 East Australian Time)

03.U.N.Radio-General Assembly (January 14,1980)
U.N. Radio- Debate in the General Assembly. 15410 khz.
20-25 GMT (i.e. 6-25 am. 15 Jan 1980 East Australian Time)

Off-air recordings and intros by Ian Holder, Brisbane, Australia

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