Voice of Turkey: July 5, 2019


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Joshua Chambers, who shares the following recording and notes:

Broadcaster: Voice Of Turkey

Date of recording: 7/5/2019

Starting time: 22:00 UTC

Frequency: 9.860MHz


Receiver and antenna: Airspy HF+ & SV2CZF TLA500C.2 Loop Antenna

Notes: Signal Varies Throughout the Broadcast, quality is hearable though for the most.

Voice of Turkey, German Language Service: September 10, 2017


For your listening pleasure, The Voice of Turkey's German language service, recorded on September 10, 2017 starting at 2300 UTC on 9830 kHz. I believe this broadcast was in error--typically, the German language service is not broadcast at this time. 

This recording includes a few minutes of the VOT interval signal. 

I recorded this with a WinRadio Excalibur SDR hooked up to a large horizontal delta loop antenna.

Voice of Turkey, English: May 14, 2014

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Frank, for this recording of the Voice of Turkey English language service.

Frank made this recording on 9,830 kHz at 22:00 UTC, May 14th, 2014. Frank used his Kenwood R-5000 and Wellbrook ALA 1530+ to capture this broadcast.

Click here to download the recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below. Please subscribe to our podcast to receive future recordings automatically.