Radio Turks & Caicos VSI8 circa 1970's

Grand Turk Lighthouse, Scott 339, 2 Feb 1978 (Source: )

Grand Turk Lighthouse, Scott 339, 2 Feb 1978 (Source:

Many thanks to Shortwave Radio Audio Archive contributor, Dan Robinson, who submits this short recording of Radio Turks & Caicos.

Dan comments:

In the 1970's, one of the rare appearances on shortwave was Radio Turks & Caicos (VSI8) which at the time was using, only for a short time, a frequency in the 60 meter band, of 4.788 mhz. There is one mention I can find in the DX press, from DX LISTENING DIGEST MARCH 2003 ARCHIVE, from a SWL who recalled "Turks & Caicos Islands. VSI`s afternoon show on 4.788 MHz``
Those who have collected copies of NASWA or other bulletins probably have other historical records. Unfortunately, I no longer have the logbook details with date and exact time, but it was late afternoon, just as 60 meter frequencies began to be dominated by Brazilian and African stations. As I recall, 4.788 battled with an Angolan station, on 4.795, Radio Comercial, as well as with stations below 4.788.
Two recordings here, one a shortened version -- both end with a Radio Turks relay of a newscast from VOA, where I would eventually spend nearly 34 years as a correspondent. Among other things, reception of Radio Turks demonstrated the great flexibility of the HQ-180 receiver, which provided not only notch capability but fine (vernier) tuning and multiple selectivity positions. So, another blast from the past 1970's -- Radio Turks & Caicos.

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