Medi 1 (Morocco): July 15, 2016

Medi 1 recorded in London, UK on July 15, 2016 at 2100 UTC on the frequency of 9575 kHz using a Tecsun PL-680 radio with the Lowe PR-150 preselector and DX Engineering NCC-1 phaser connected to two Wellbrook ALA1530S+ antennas (positioned indoors) to mitigate severe local man-made interference. News in Moroccan Arabic at the start, news in French one hour into the recording.

Moroccan Radio & Television System - Rabat

Many thanks to Shortwave Radio Audio Archive contributor, Dan Robinson, who submits this recording of the Moroccan Radio & Television System - Rabat.

Dan comments:

While the Voice of America long had a relay transmitter in Morocco, one of the biggest challenges for DX'ers was hearing the Moroccan Radio & Television System local program in the 25 meter band. As I recall, this was on 11.730 mhz and in this recording you can hear, at about the 22 second mark, the English ID by a male announcer. Time of the program was 1730 - 1800 UTC.

Click here to download this recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below: