Radio Mali Bamako (International Service 16 Meters) circa 1970s

Many thanks to Shortwave Radio Audio Archive contributor, Dan Robinson, who submits this recording of Radio Mali Bamako

Dan comments:

Another in the unusual category from my 1970's archives is Radio Mali, with what it called its "International Service".   Mali, at some point in the 70's had acquired new shortwave transmitters -- it would be interesting history to determine where they came from, perhaps former Soviet Union or Eastern bloc.  These were listed in WRTH's and this reception was from the 16 meter band, heard in the afternoon in Levittown, PA.   This was among many stations I heard on the first radio I used as an SWL, a Pilot Radio T-133, my grandmother's radio, which I still have today.  I have played this audio at SWL Fests here in the United States, and offer it here on the archive as another example of SW stations of the past.

Many thanks for sharing this recording of Radio Mali Bamako, Dan.

Click here to download this recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

Myke shares 2012 season of ShortWaveMusic

swm_tkuMyke, over at ShortWaveMusic, has made his entire 2012 season of ShortWaveMusic freely downloadable on SoundCloud. This series was recorded from December 31, 2011 – January 16, 2012 throughout the West African country of Mali. The series contains some remarkable field recordings taken from both the shortwave and medium wave bands.

Note that Myke's ShortWaveMusic series and travels are supported by Kickstarter donors. I don't know where Myke's travels will take him next year, but when the time comes we will post an announcement along with a link for supporters.

Now put on your headphones, close your eyes and you will be transported to Mali:

For full SoundCloud features, click here for the 2012 series on SoundCloud.