La Voz Del Llano (Part 1): September 2, 1984

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Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Paul Harner, who shares the following off-air recording and notes:

Here is a recording of La Voz Del Llano on 6,115 kHz from 2 September 1984. The first part is about 10 minutes, the second is 2 hours and 15 minutes. It was originally recorded on an open reel tape at 1 7/8 ips.

La Voz del Llano: April 27, 1980 (2 parts)

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Paul Harner, who notes:

In 1980, Daylight Saving Time began on the 27th of April.  When I was in high school, the Saturday night overnight hours were a favorite time for me to listen to shortwave signals.  Especially the domestic Latin American stations on 49 and 60 meters.
On that night, two stations from Colombia were coming in reasonably well, and I decided to record an hour of each of them.
It was the first time I ever listened to "La Voz del Llano" in VIllavicencio.  Over the years that station became a favorite of mine.  The station introduced me to music from Colombia.  The music was fast paced, and fun, and so were the promos.  La Voz del Llano was an affiliate of La Cadena Super ('Orgullosamente Colombiana'), and it's 10 kW signal could be heard well most nights.  Their frequency was 6115 kHz, but they tended to vary from that frequency.
Here is a recording of "La Voz del Llano," during the 3 AM hour (local time) on 27 April 1980.

Paul also noted that these recordings were transferred from magnetic tape (pictured above) which had become somewhat damaged over time. We appreciate the effort he has put into transferring this audio and sharing it with us here on the SRAA: