Various Mediumwave Airchecks: 1969 - 1978


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Russ Edmunds (WB2BJH), for sharing this collection of mediumwave airchecks dating from 1969 to 1978.

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Radio Nederland's 25th Jubilee: April 15, 1972

Radio Netherlands 25 Years.jpg

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Dan Srebnick, who shares the following recording and notes:

This is a very enjoyable review of the first 25 years of Radio Nederland, hosted by Jerry Cowan. It is the complete broadcast with the news, which at the time was feed via HF from Hilversum to Bonaire. The panel of guests include Bruce Parsons, Neville Gray, as well as the head of the English Department of Radio Nederland, Van Dulken.

It was recorded off air in Queens, NY on 11,730 kHz between 0200-0320 GMT (April 16 GMT). It came from the relay site in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles where RNW had a powerful relay transmitter site. There is some interference but not enough to diminish your enjoyment.

Launch of Apollo 17 (1972)


Last Apollo flight to the Moon.
Voice of America (VOA) shortwave coverage.
Broadcast begins Thursday [Australian time]
Dec. 7 1972 at 02-30 GMT.

Information on the mission of Apollo 17-

Recorded off-air by Ian Holder, Brisbane, Australia.

Abba Eban (Israel's Foreign Minister at UN 1972)

Relay from the U.N. (29 September 1972)
Speech by Abba Eban (Israel’s Foreign Minister terrorist attacks).
Shortwave from New York. 20-20 GMT 19 meters.


Recorded off-air by Ian Holder, Brisbane, Australia

Abba Eban- UN Radio 29 September 1972

BBC World Service (Death of the Duke of Windsor): May 28, 1972

The Duke of Windsor in 1945

The Duke of Windsor in 1945

Many thanks to SRAA contributor Ian Holder for the following recording.  Ian notes that this recording features the BBC World Service news bulletin which reports on the death of the Duke of Windsor. 

This recording was made on May 28, 1972 around 13:00 GMT on 11.75 MHz:

Radio Gambia: June 26, 1972

10th anniversary of Radio Gambia postage stamp (Source: Radio  Filatelia )

10th anniversary of Radio Gambia postage stamp (Source: Radio Filatelia)

Many thanks to Shortwave Radio Audio Archive contributor, Dan Robinson, who submits this short recording of Radio Gambia from June 26, 1972. 

Dan comments:

"This classic recording of Radio Gambia was made as the station signed on just before 0600 UTC on 4.820 khz. That frequency was plagued by utility station interference at  the time, making reception of Gambia one of the most challenging tasks for SWLs. This recording was made from a Hammarlund HQ-180C receiver."

As Dan states, this is not armchair listening... it's much, much better.  It's what real DX is all about: back in time forty-two years, through the static, one uncovers the faint voice of Radio Gambia.

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