Radio Canada International: May 15 & July 17, 1982


Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Tom Laskowski, who shares the following recording and notes:

Here are two more back to back episodes from my collection of recordings of Shortwave Listener's Digest from Radio Canada International, this time from May 15 and July 17, 1982.

This program's highlights are: A note on the upcoming ANARC convention in Montreal (which I attended), Adrian Peterson's report on mediumwave stations heard from Southern Asia, a follow-up question regarding Larry Magne's report on antennae for apartment dwellers, Glenn Hauser's DX news. The second program's highlights are: Harold Sellers with a report on clocks used for DXing, a final note on the ANARC convention with a rundown of the planned convention schedule, part one of discussion of undersea cables and Glenn Huaser's DX news.

Starting time: 2100

Frequency: 15.325 MHz

Location: South Bend, IN

Receiver used: Sony ICF-2001