Ham radio contact between W2PVF and Argentine Antarctic Station LU1ZE: circa 1974

LU1ZE QSL Card (1).jpg

Many thanks to one of our newest SRAA contributors, Bill Hemphill (WD9EQD), who approached me at the Winter SWL Fest this year noting that he has a wide variety of radio-related audio recordings to share with the SRAA. While many of his recordings are of broadcasts, he also has a number that are of ham radio communications.

This week, Bill shared two fascinating tape recordings he originally acquired from an estate sale.  These recordings were originally made in 1974 by the late Jim Hayward (W2PVF) in Absecon, New Jersey (USA) with two different ham radio stations in Antarctica.

The first recording was posted yesterday. The second recording (below) is between W2PVF and LU1ZE of the Argentine Antarctica Station. The operator at the microphone is W1PV. The recording even includes a phone patch: