The Mighty KBC Final Broadcast on 6095 kHz: 27 March 2016

Live, off-air, recording of the last four hours ever of regular programming from The Mighty KBC on the shortwave frequency of 6095 kHz on 27 March 2016 beginning at 11:00 UTC. According to a registration with the High Frequency Coordination Conference, this broadcast, which lately was on Sundays only, was beamed to Europe from a 100 kW transmitter at Nauen, Germany, with an antenna beam azimuth of 240°. The Mighty KBC is based in Ede, The Netherlands.     

The recording features the last two hours of "The LA Connection" with the DJ Emperor Rosko (Michael Joseph "Mike" Pasternak) and "Rock & Roll Rewind" with DJ Ron O'Quinn. There are many references to these being the last programs to be aired on The Mighty KBC's 6095 kHz frequency. The last words spoken were "But all good things must come to an end. And this is the end of The Mighty KBC on sixty-ninety-five. Good luck to all of you."    

The broadcast was received by the Web-interface wideband software-defined radio at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands, with a "Mini-Whip" antenna in AM mode with 8.09 kHz total bandwidth RF filtering. Reception was excellent with a strong interference-free signal.