Voice of Korea: March 25, 2005


The following recording comes from the aircheck archives of The Professor—the late Michael Pool.

According to Michael’s notes, the following recording of the Voice of Korea was made on March 25, 2005 at 0300 UTC on 9345 kHz. The reception location was likely New York City. No other notes were included with this recording.

Death of Lord Louis Mountbatten (1979)

BBC World Service (August 28, 1979)

All India Radio (August 28, 1979)

Recorded off-air by Ian Holder, Brisbane, Australia

Information on the life and death of Louis Mountbatten-


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Hong Kong Handover (1997)


Daily coverage of the Hong Kong Handover between Britain and China in 1997.

The broadcasts are mainly from China Radio International (CRI) which was previously Radio Peking/Beijing.

Other broadcasts are from the BBC World Service and Radio Singapore International.

Intros and off-air recording by Ian Holder, Australia.

Information on the Hong Kong Handover-






Voice of Mongolia in English: December 24, 2015

Voice of Mongolia broadcasting in English to Southeast Asia.  Transmitted from Ulaanbaatar-Khonkhor at 250 kw.  Interval signal, sign on, news, music, a commentary on climate change in Mongolia, more music and sign off with schedule and addresses.  Received in Sydney, Australia, using a Degen DE1103 (the old, good one) and a 40 meter longwire.