Radio Thailand: May 22, 2014 (day of 2014 Thai coup d'état)

Thailand coup: Chang Phueak Gate Chiang (Photo:  Takeway )

Thailand coup: Chang Phueak Gate Chiang (Photo: Takeway)

Many thanks to contributors Frank and Ayar who submitted recordings of Radio Thailand made on May 22, 2014: the first broadcast of Radio Thailand after the Thai coup d'état

Instead of broadcasting the English language service at the scheduled time, Radio Thailand broadcast patriotic songs and announcements in Thai. Several have confirmed that this was the same content heard on domestic news sources throughout Thailand. 

From Europe, Frank submits the first recording from the 19:00 UTC broadcast on 9,390 kHz:

Ayar (HB9EVW) submits this 19:30 UTC recording of Radio Thailand on 9,390KHz. His recording was made in Switzerland using a JRC-525 receiver with a 40m wire dipole antenna: