Wolverine Radio: April 20, 2014

Many thanks to SWAA contributor, Greg Shoom, for this recording of the pirate radio station, Wolverine Radio. Greg comments:

"This is the last 25 minutes of a broadcast of shortwave pirate Wolverine Radio. I stumbled across it a few minutes earlier. This was recorded on a Sony digital audio recorder."

Greg recorded this broadcast in Harrowsmith, Ontario, Canada on April 20, 2014, on 6,945 kHz USB, starting at 02:20 UTC. He used a Kaito KA1103 receiver with its built-in telescopic antenna.

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Radio Ronin Shortwave

Saturday night was one of the most active nights for pirate radio I've heard in some time. No doubt, pirates were taking advantage of the quiet atmospheric conditions.

Radio Ronin was the first station I heard Saturday evening. His AM signal was very strong with only slight fading on 6,955 kHz. The mix includes mostly classic rock, starting things off with groups like Steppenwolf, the Steve Miller Band, and Pink Floyd, then moving into rock music of the 80s and beyond. I also included a few minutes of his interval signal (yep, even pirates have interval signals).

Enjoy below, or download the MP3 here: