Swiss Broadcasting Corporation's "Swissinfo" via Shortwave Service: May 1, 2016

Live, off-air recording of the inaugural weekly broadcast of the "Swissinfo" program in English from the international service of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), (SWI), and formerly known as Swiss Radio International and before that, the Swiss Shortwave Service. The program was transmitted by Shortwave Service ( in Euskirchen, near Bonn, Germany, using a transmitter at Kall-Krekel, Germany, on 1 May 2016 from 14:45 to about 15:00 UTC on a shortwave frequency of 6005 kHz. The transmitter power is 1 kW with an essentially non-directional antenna. The program begins and ends with the familiar music box interval signal formerly used by SBC for its own shortwave transmissions and the recording concludes with the interval signal of Shortwave Service. The edition of "Swissinfo" that was broadcast on 1 May 2016 (on fruit fly research and the science of smell) was the one posted on line on 24 April 2016.

The broadcast was received by the Web-interface wideband software-defined radio at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands, with a "Mini-Whip" antenna in AM mode with 5.09 kHz total bandwidth RF filtering. Reception was fair to good with some noise and fading.