Radio. People & Stories from Shortwave Service: November 28, 2016

Live, off-air recording of the first English-language version of "Radio. Menschen und Geschichten" ("Radio. People and Stories") transmitted by Shortwave Service ( in Euskirchen, near Bonn, Germany, using a transmitter at Noratus, near Gavar, Armenia, on 28 November 2016 from 20:00 to 20:30 UTC on a shortwave frequency of 6005 kHz. The transmitter power was 100 kW with an antenna beam azimuth of 330°.

The program consists of two interviews: the first with Rimantas Pleikys about radio jamming and the second with Amanda Dawn Christie about her film documentary "Spectres of Shortwave."

The broadcast was received by the Web-interface wideband software-defined radio at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands, with a "Mini-Whip" antenna in AM mode with 5.08 kHz total bandwidth RF filtering. Reception was quite good with negligible noise and no interference although the initial minute of audio was transmitted at a very low level.