Radio Gallifrey Intergalactic: March 22, 2014

Last night, after returning from nearly two weeks of travel, I recorded pirate station, Radio Gallifrey Intergalactic. It was great to hear their strong USB signal on the air.

RGI appeared on 6,930 kHz USB around 2:45 UTC (or so) and started their broadcast with a set of audio sweeps and then straight into the Dr. Who theme. At the end of the broadcast, I captured RGI‘s SSTV QSL via the CQ SSTV iOS app.

Click here to download their broadcast as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

Radio Gallifrey Intergalactic

 (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

 (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

While recording Radio Casablanca Thursday night, I was also fortunate to capture Radio Gallifrey Intergalactic.

Gallifrey started the broadcast with their customary audio sweeps and Dr. Who theme, then straight into the Beatles, “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Brilliant!
[I know my buddy, BJ, will enjoy this combo.]

Radio Gallifrey Intergalactic was on the air for almost 27 minutes with a mix including the Beatles, Bowie, Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and more.

Click here to download an MP3 recording of the full show, or simply listen via the embedded player below. Enjoy: