KBS World Radio in English: June 15, 2016

KBS World Radio on 9570 kHz ending the broadcast in Indonesian and starting the English broadcast to Southeast Asia. There was some mild adjacent channel interference for the first half hour so I have recorded with the narrow filter engaged. The program includes news, Seoul travel tips, a Korean language lesson, Sounds of Korea traditional music, Quarterly Quiz competition and sign off. Broadcast at 100 kw from Kimjae, South Korea. Received in Sydney, Australia, with a Degen DE1121 and a Kestrel active loop antenna.

KBS World Radio (English): April 6, 2016

KBS World Radio recorded in London, UK on April 6, 2016 at 1559 UTC, on the frequency of 9515 kHz using AirSpy, SpyVerter, SDR# software and a 2 x 6m long wire dipole antenna. The transmitter has a power rating of 250 kW and is located in Kimjae, South Korea.