Rádio Bandeirantes: November 5, 2016

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Mark Fahey, who notes:

Rádio Bandeirantes, São Paulo, Brazil broadcasting the Saturday evening (5th November 2016, starting at 2209 UTC) football commentary on their shortwave radio outlet of 6090 KHz. The signal was received on a KiwiSDR receiver in Pardinho, Brazil.
The recording captures the artistry of the play-by-play commentary by sportscasters on Brazilian radio. The chorus of ‘Goooooool,’ is the siren song of the soccer broadcast with the announcer’s voice rising and falling harmoniously and continuously whenever any team scores.
In 1946, 14 years after the first soccer game was broadcast live on Brazilian radio, Rebello Júnior, an announcer at São Paulo’s old Rádio Difusora, stretched his call of “gol” on the air until he was almost out of breath, legitimizing the celebratory scream.
The scream has since become a requirement. Among sportscasters, the verdict is unanimous: There is no future in sports radio for announcers who do not know how to bellow an impressive, long and loud cry of “gol.” So they work at it daily, in much the same way that classical singers do before a big performance.