Radio Uganda - 15325 Khz - 0320 UTC - October 1, 1979

Living on the West Coast of Canada, catching Africa on any band was always a bit tricky - Getting India or Pakistan was generally a once a year event (which has changed with better listening techniques and antennas - but that is another story!) RSA in South Africa was pretty much a daily reception but apart from the there was not a lot to pick from. Occasionally there would be a good mid-afternoon opening on 60 or 49 meters to West Africa and that was always a treat. In the Fall of 1979 I had enrolled in the first of a series of college courses in Electronics that would shape the career of my working life (which I am still benefiting from today!). And at the time, even though I was buried in textbooks, I still found some time for radio listening. Enjoy this high quality reception as received on my venerable DX150B and inverted-L untuned antenna.