Radio Guinée: May 30, 2018


Live, off-air, approximately one-and-a-half-hour recording of Radio Guinée, an outlet of the government broadcaster Radio Télévision Guinéenne, broadcasting from Conakry, Guinea, on 30 May 2018 beginning at about 17:34 UTC. The broadcast was on a shortwave frequency of 9650 kHz using a transmitter at Sonfonia, a suburb of Conakry, with a reported power of 50 kW and with an omnidirectional antenna.

The transmission was received on a Tecsun PL-880 receiver with a Tecsun AN-03L 7-metre wire antenna in Meloneras, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, in AM mode with 5 kHz RF filtering. Reception was quite good initially although interference from what is believed to be Saudi Arabian jamming (siren style) directed against an Iranian broadcast in Arabic earlier on the same frequency can be faintly heard. The jamming signal ends at about 18:26 UTC but adjacent channel interference begins a couple of minutes later and continues at varying levels through to the end of the recording.

The recording starts with a program of indigenous Guinean music in progress. Station identification at 17:58 UTC is followed by a news bulletin and then a sports program discussing mostly football. This was followed by a talk program. The spoken-word programs are primarily in French with some indigenous language segments.

The Radio Guinée shortwave transmission is a relay of the Radio Guinée Conakry FM station on 88.5 MHz.