Final English Shortwave Broadcast of Radio Exterior de España to North America

As previously announced by REE, the last broadcasts of Radio Exterior de España on Shortwave finished at 22:00 GMT on 14th October.  At 00:00 GMT the last English programming to North America was broadcast on 6055Khz. A petition (in Spanish) exists here aimed at the Spanish authorities to try and get them to reverse the decision to end Shortwave broadcasts and close the Noblejas transmitter site.

This recording starts at 23:57 GMT with the end of the French service and runs until 01:06 GMT.  It was recorded from the UK on a Elad FDM-S2 connected to an active antenna.

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As an added bonus, the final English broadcast to Europe recorded on 11615Khz at 19:00GMT on the 14th August and the final DRM broadcast in Spanish recorded on 13720Khz at 11:00GMT are included below.