Belaruskaje Radyjo 1 Final Broadcast on Shortwave: 31 March 2016

Live, off-air, recording of the last half-hour of Belaruskaje Radyjo 1, the First National Channel of Belarusian Radio, on the shortwave frequency of 6080 kHz on 31 March 2016 beginning at about 20:30 UTC. According to a registration with the High Frequency Coordination Conference, this broadcast in Belarusian, was beamed to Russia and Ukraine from a 150 kW transmitter at Kalodzišcy, near Minsk, operated by Belaruski Radyjotelevizijny Peradajučy Centr (BRPC), with an antenna beam azimuth of 127°.

This was the last transmission of Belaruskaje Radyjo 1 on shortwave and longwave due to termination of these services by the state broadcaster. The Radio Belarus external service also stopped using the BRPC mediumwave and shortwave transmitters on 31 March 2016.     

The broadcast was received by the Web-interface wideband software-defined radio at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands, with a "Mini-Whip" antenna in AM mode with 5.09 kHz total bandwidth RF filtering. Reception was fair with some co-channel interference from the First Program of China National Radio.