Shortwave Compilation, circa 1977

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Greg Shoom, who submits this recording: a compilation of clips from various shortwave stations, circa 1977. Greg didn't note specific dates, times, nor frequencies when he originally made the recording, but he has notes some details of the clips included:

Shortwave Compilation, Early 1977

  • Transworld Radio - Interval signal and ID.
  • Radio Veritas ID, as heard on Radio Nederland.
  • Radio Nederland - The story of Radio Nederland's French language service interval signal (in English).
  • Radio Nederland - Clip about interference in Scandinavia from Soviet over-the-horizon radar on shortwave.
  • Radio Santa Fe ID. Probably from Radio Santa Fe, HJAF, Bogota, Colombia, which used to operate on 4965 kHz. I don't know if this was my recording of this ID, or one I heard on a DX program.
  • Radio Nederland - French language service interval signal and ID.
  • Unidentified utility interval signal.
  • Radio Alvorada da Londrina, Brazil ID - heard on Radio Nederland.
  • BBC World Service - Interval signal and ID in Portuguese.
  • Radio Nederland - Story of Radio Nederland's official tune.
  • Disturbing trends in DXing - From HCJB's DX Partyline show.

Greg made these recordings with either a Sony CRF-5090 or Realistic DX-160. All recordings were made in early 1977 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Click here to download the recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below: